With B2B Social Media Marketing, it may easily appear that it’s enough to be successful to be present in social networks. This is not true because B2B Social Media Marketing demands a lot more from companies. See this list of the top 10 mistakes to avoid making them.

  1. No communication
    Many companies don’t moderate their posts, and so no dialog is created. Dialog is important when it comes to interaction in social networks.
  2. Content gets forgotten
    Many campaigns in Social Media don’t show a clear strategy regarding the content. A well thought-out plan is necessary however.
  3. Fear from negative feedback
    Negative feedback can’t be avoided by any company and is always uncomfortable. Do you hush up comments like this or do you take charge to solve these issues? Often, the plan for this is missing.
  4. At least we do it
    Many companies just sprinkle their content over the web – without following clear goals. Always ask yourself which channels are important for your company and limit yourself to only those.
  5. Everyone writes in their own style
    On the Internet, many writers imitate the writing style of other users: One writes without punctuation, the other loves writing in all caps. Your company should heed spelling and grammar in social networks too, in order to not attract negative attention.
  6. Strategies don’t fit the company
    You should always use strategies that fit the company and their social web presence. Only then can you act effectively.
  7. Impatient for success
    As an entrepreneur, you naturally want to know as soon as possible when success hits. Consider that success takes time and be patient.
  8. Fake communication
    Many entrepreneurs fake communication, for example by posting a ready-made dialog where they look good. Don’t resort to such methods because customers look through this ruse quickly.
  9. Social Media: A thing for the intern
    Some companies still don’t give Social Media the attention that it deserves and let interns be responsible for their Social Media accounts, making them utterly overwhelmed by their task and in some cases causing them to work counterproductively.
  10. Advertising instead of dialog
    Many companies see social networks as a chance to advertise their products or services. Stay away from this if possible and try to establish a dialog between you and your potential customers, and they will soon notice your products by themselves.

We want to hear about mistakes not listed here but come from your experience. Please leave a comment!


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